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Did I hear you have an album dropping this summer?
We are kind of halting production on the album because there are so many things going on. Politics got involved so I’ve been putting it on the back burner; there are a lot of things that I’m doing that I’m excited about.

What are the other things you’re excited about?
Finishing this season of Glee and a lot of other things like photo shoots and things I
can’t really confirm.

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nayarivera Galore mag BTS!
nayarivera Galore mag BTS!

she hasn't deleted it she's just put it on private but still...why?? ugh

Cause ..she wants to ?lol. She doesnt need a reason its her account.

sophiabush The Bae @harryshumjr built a dance studio. And we are USING it. #humpday #IGGY #OneLessProblem | x