Do you like big sean and ariana together?

Yes ! They cute. I dont know much about arianna soo.. yeah.


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Do you think Ariana Grande and Big Sean are dating?

Mhmmm yes. - T

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Now that the blog is kind of done. Will you guys give your personal blogs?

How long has this been sitting here, hahaha.

Well sure you can have mine I guess.

Im nervous, lol.

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Hi guy,

So im sorry the blog has been on hiatus. Ive been in the process of moving from the east coast to the wst coast and im sure T has been busy with college stuff. Our asks and submission are flooded ill try answering th most recent ones but idk if we’ll continue the blog or not cause im sure you all have heard the news. I wish Naya and Ryan all the happiness in the world and I hope they have a beautiful life together :)


Naya Rivera | Galore Magazine


Did I hear you have an album dropping this summer?
We are kind of halting production on the album because there are so many things going on. Politics got involved so I’ve been putting it on the back burner; there are a lot of things that I’m doing that I’m excited about.

What are the other things you’re excited about?
Finishing this season of Glee and a lot of other things like photo shoots and things I
can’t really confirm.

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nayarivera Galore mag BTS!
nayarivera Galore mag BTS!